Post Creativity in Isolation IDI Team & Miss Harriet Macauley ES/UK

Creativity in isolation

Throughout a period of isolation in COVID, I felt so overwhelmed to have the support of members of IDI and friends on new short projects and international submissions, despite social distancing. And because of the kindness, patience, love and support I was able to survive my period of isolation. Now I know I can be more!. Thank you to a team of artistic creatives, my tribe and friends, who support and believe in the future of InDance International – Europe. Miss Harriet Macauley ES/UK

A natural image by Photographer Aldana Juarez of IDI.

Creativity in isolation

Miss Harriet Macauley

Artistic Director and Choreographer InDance International.

Founder InDance International One Year Performance Program England and Europe.

Researcher International Multimedia Performance Collaboration. BTEC. BA. MFA. PGDIP. MPHIL.

IETM Artistic Advisor 2023-2026


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