Harriet Macauley

Award winning choreographer performer and director of organisation InDance International dance and multimedia.

London Born Performer Choreographer, Dancer and Emergent Dance Scholar Harriet Macauley, collaborates regularly in Europe and Internationally on the development of experimental Contemporary Performance Works. Founder of InDance International a powerful and progressive dance community  based in Barcelona. Harriet has gained numerous international awards working with the use of technology in collaboration for events, projects, performances. Projects were collaborations in Austria, Spain, Canada, UK, USA and Turkey. She has been awarded Culture Moves, Europe, COSI, Phoenix Dance Theatre, UK, Erasmus+ Netherlands, and Arts Council England in collaboration with artists from Europe for the development of InDance International. Organisational development was supported by Institut CatalĂ  de les empreses, Barcelona, Catalonia. Harriet Macauley continues to provide ongoing activities in Europe and internationally. Activities 2024: Tour Europe, Performances and Productions. 

about me...

Internationally renowned in dance collaboration, teaching and digital media creations, Harriet Macauley’s commitment to Dance Collaboration is unquenchable!

Merged through a devotion to the use of contemporary dance and multimedia. She delves into the depths of dance collaboration with the merging of various dance forms and site-specific investigation. 

Harriet Macualey’s movement combines her root signature dance style in classical and contemporary dance, connected to specific vocabularies in dance culture originating from Urban, Hip Hop, Commercial, African, Latino and Cuban descent. Harriet combines a personal mythopoetic life experience and bridges influences for the creation of Stage Performances and Dance Film.

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