About Me

Harriet Macauley has worked professionally as a choreographer and dancer both National and Internationally in Spain, Turkey, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Germany, Scotland, USA, Ireland, Canada, United Kingdom, Portugal and numerous other international cities. 

Her interest lies in the rediscovery of the aesthetic intention and therefore the dancer becomes more than an expression of shape or form. Harriet’s choreographic works are an explosion of cultural identity, coupled with ethnicity, and her process of creative investigation strives to find truth and value with the use of stylistic and cultural movement forms which originate from identity. Moreover Harriet’s process in creation goes beyond the recreation of movement or shape, instead her movement is explored through a development of fertile forms, which are channelled through contrasting movement styles prevalent in popular, cultural and commercial dance of today. 

Accomplished through on-going investigations in site-specific and dramaturgical examination her interpretations are fluid, charismatic and compelling, energised through the use of electronic, commercial and contemporary sound scores. A trademark to her choreographic style is the exploration of the dancer’s essence, personality, appearance and ancestry, energetically propelled through the use of  technology. Her practice is empowered through a vigorous collaborative investigation submerged into an expression of pure authenticity. 

Her advancement for collaborative investigation with dancers, photographers, composers, dramaturgists, multimedia artists and so forth, continues to bolster on a trajectory of on-going international partnerships, in Europe and beyond. An significant aspect of Harriet’s vision for IDI is the recognition of Women in Leadership roles, to celebrate and unify the undeniable commitment and service given to Dance in education, performance and communities.

From 2019 Harriet Macauley undertook numerous international collaborations in Europe, in medium and large scale projects. Long-standing composers and partners, Filipe Sousa, Portugal, Leonardo Diana of Versailles Dance Company, Italy and Nicholas Ricchini, Fre3 Bodies post graduate touring company, are opportunities for Harriet to develop and fulfill her artistic vision for IDI, InDance International. 

Her professional experience encompasses contemporary, Jazz and neo-classical ballet dance techniques having trained at London Contemporary Dance School London, SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance, New York, Richard Alston Dance Company and having worked with Sharon Wray at the Royal Opera House, London. 

Her movement vocabulary integrates Cunningham, Classical ballet, Cuban ballet, Jazz, Youth, Urban, Hip Hop, Commercial and West African styles. 

Accomplished, as a professional contemporary dancer, regionally, nationally and internationally with Rambert Dance Company under the direction of Christopher Bruce, Mark Baldwin and with Richard Alston Dance Company, London, Harriet continues to transcend through a metamorphosis of re-identification in dance practice. Macauley has staged works nationally and internationally in Spain, Turkey, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Germany, Scotland, USA, Ireland, Canada, United Kingdom, Portugal and numerous other international cities.

Founder and Director of InDance International, Event InDance Barcelona, and InDance Productions and Education, her vision is rooted in the core of the organisation’s ability to navigate through international collaboration, coupled with a passion for talented graduates of the performing arts. 

She founded Harriet Macauley & Company in 2020, to support professional dancers on the development of screen dance as a result of restrictions with COVID19. 

Choreographer Harriet Macauley is commissioned by Fre3 Bodies Postgraduate Contemporary Dance Touring Company established in the city of Barcelona for the creation of a large scale Screen Dance work as part of an educational component of InDance Education. 

Since recieving an invitation to undertake the role of Lecturer in Dance Studies in 2016 at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona, Sitges, Harriet has begun to discover the depths of talent residing in a diverse and multicultural city.



Harriet Macauley trained and performed with the most established artists and contemporary dance companies in Europe.

Founder of Harriet Macauley & Company, Artistic Director & Founder IDI, InDance International. 

Her experience spans over a period of fifteen years having worked with two of the most highly established Ballet and Contemporary dance companies, Richard Alston and Rambert Dance Company.

Olympic Torch Bearer 2004 

Harriet was nominated and carried the Olympic flame in London supported by London Contemporary Dance School.

Former USA partnerships for Event InDance Barcelona 2018 featured PUSSY-CAT DOLL (USA), Carmit Bachar


Harriet Macauley, award winning choreographer, performer and director of organisation, IDI – InDance International undertakes research in parallel with a MPhil/PHD Doctorate in International Multimedia Collaboration in Spain and UK. Education plays an integral role in Harriet Macauley investigation and research, to better understand the complex depths and varied articulations within the development of choreographic ideas with technology, studio based techniques i.e. Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Contemporary dance. Her view is to gain an illumination on the intricacy and articulations of movement forms with technology. HM is interested in a dynamic practice-led enquiry and is keen to research philosophical investigations centred around the act of identifying with ‘the Self’ and understanding the role of technology in creative practice. She attends to the experience of philosophy and technology, the body and international collaboration as agents and leans towards understanding practice/creativity as a lived experience. Her mode of navigation is impelled through a window of ideas with identity, movement and multimedia and is concerned with interpersonal, relational dynamics and a recognising of transferable skills between collaborators.

Harriet Macauley has obtained a wealth of experience through education and is a professor of multimedia and performing arts. She has obtained at the following accredited qualifications: 

MPhil in Multimedia Collaboration
UK Masters in Fine Arts {MFA}
Post Graduate Degree in Performance {PGDip} UK
Recognised teacher status, Leeds Conservatories
Erasmus+UK, Codarts, the Netherlands
USA BFA Sunny Purchase Conservatory Dance
BA Honours in Contemporary Dance School, UK
BTEC National in Performing Arts, UK