Philosophical Scientific Critical Thinking My Dance Practice UK/ES 2022

We should ask the right questions?  

Dance is boundless and I am emersed in its discovery coupled with the immerse of what we don’t know. The wonder of the adventure in creation in the development of InDance International in 2022. I am asking questions of what and where I am searching? Who should be in the world of my physical existence into development? 

Movement, Space, Time, Thought, Discussion, Sound, Image, Location, Blood Line, these are the tools. The fundamental bases could be the non-existence of the human body, and the non-existence of the relentless constructed viewpoints of Dance Practice. 

My roots – composed from pure nature yes, I am physical and real because of the nature of life and how we continuously form, grow and then reform as we adapt into life patterns, needs, constraints, expectations, and opinions devised and confirmed by others. 

There are grains, small intricate aspects inside my body, in nature, and the world, that makes us who we are, unseen to human eye. Small grains of human make up, flooding to the forefront through the expression of movement. 

We know the body is restricted by the form of nature, constructed to only exist in a structure given to us. Arms, Legs etc. Is there a hidden order in Dance Practice? 

To imagine these limits and what could be within the grains of difference, is the fantasy, the creation, and the art. When identified, recognised and acknowledged, it can then be enthused into the expression of movement. Yes, it is hidden but it is possible to discover the new, connected to the root of time, reality – not composed by products of what, or how others move, or how others may think. 

It is infinite. 

Dancer Jesus Western, Madrid and Photographer Victor Schietti, Brazil.

Harriet Macauley, Artistic Director InDance International. Choreographer, Performer and Independent Scholar.

Miss Harriet Macauley

Artistic Director Event InDance Barcelona

Founder InDance International Dance and Technology

Supported by Liverpool Johnmoores University and Leeds College of Music.

Lecturer in Dance at Leeds College of Music, UK

PhD Multimedia Collaboration, UK/ES


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Team England and Internationally: Harriet Macauley England, Spain Igor Halicki – Poland Jacob Gale – England Alexis Lemoine Dupré – France Flavia Dule – Italy, Albania Azizi Cole – England Yuliya Hudoshnyk – Ukraine Filming by YTD studios Leeds, Yorkshire.