LIVING ROOM, celler de can ginestar, Barcelona, 2020

Harriet Macauley and Raphael Miro Holzer.

Photographer: Dorothee Elfring, ES/FR

Collaboration in COVID19, November 2020. 

Logic and reason seemed to exist between the objects, forms and shapes apparent within the construction of this exhibition, living room. More prevalent was the use of natural materials, geometrical shapes, forms and the collaborative process of carefully crafting from a space of authenticity. 

Philosophically, each element of creative investigation gave way to a knowing of what is possible through shear simplicity and thought. Each artefact was laced with digitally formed images, submerged onto natural wood, cotton, concrete, plastic and so forth.  Overall, I was invigorated by my perception of no obvious reasoning behind the decision making, the decision making seemed as though it was formed through a mathematical code, which is only disclosed to the makers and creators. However clear collaborative decisions were made and all seemed to exist in the space between thought and comprehension. The exhibition required for the viewer to remove all presumptions, to not find meaning, or categorisation but to dewell creativity in the unknown. The space in between logic, reason and philosophical thought. 

Personally I was thrilled to walk through the exhibition with the photographer and creator, Dorothee Elfring. Accompanied by Raphael Miro Holzer and Vitor Schietti. Despite COVID19 restrictions it is a honour to be able to see and participate in the viewing of contemporary digital performance works.

Photographer: Vitor Schietti. Collaborators Living Room: Laura Baringo, Dorothee Elfring and Montse Baque.  Europe, 2020

Miss Harriet Macauley

Artistic Director and Choreographer InDance International.

Founder InDance International One Year Performance Program England and Europe.

Researcher International Multimedia Performance Collaboration. BTEC. BA. MFA. PGDIP. MPHIL.

IETM Artistic Advisor 2023-2026


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