La experiencia Española / Catalana

Mientras mejoro mi español, hoy me han preguntado cómo has creado una organización sin una palabra de español!!! I am still laughing, yes I am improving my Spanish with Catalan words! Every day is a new experience. Dance is non verbal and its development is about trust, positive energy and working with the best people. No more sin experiencia!

InDance International Barcelona 2020

Ballerinas:Lhatsun Lahmo Tara.

Videografia/Fotógrafa:Aldana Juarez

Barcelona City 2020

Todos Gracias

Miss Harriet Macauley

Artistic Director Event InDance Barcelona

Founder InDance International Dance and Technology

Supported by Liverpool Johnmoores University and Leeds College of Music.

Lecturer in Dance at Leeds College of Music, UK

PhD Multimedia Collaboration, UK/ES


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