IDI Digital Installation with Dance – Saturday 17th October 2020

We are at Fabra i Coats with a team of 40 attendees in education, technology and performance programme.

We have limited capacity to watch a short sharing of dancers with digital technology. If you are interested in attending the performance sharing please send a email to: or


Artistic Director, Harriet Macauley would like to thank the team who continue to support the development of a New InDance International BCN from 2020.

Toni Gonzales

Nicholas Ricchini

Sara Colomino

Keyla Alterachs

Roger La Puente

Maurice Moeliker

Aldana Juarez

Elena Espejo

Yolanda Toledano Carreras

Valentina Temussi

Vitor Schietti

Danny Fernandez

Miss Harriet Macauley

Artistic Director Event InDance Barcelona

Founder InDance International Dance and Technology

Supported by Liverpool Johnmoores University and Leeds College of Music.

Lecturer in Dance at Leeds College of Music, UK

PhD Multimedia Collaboration, UK/ES


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