Editor Harriet Macauley, InDance Barcelona, amor por la gente de España, Coronavid19, 2020

We are still all in quarantine! Despite this I believe we are fortunate to have the opportunity to reflect on many who are sick with the virus. I am vibrating out positive energy and light to all.

Thank you to the team who made this video material a week or so before Spain declared quarantine, my spirit and soul is undoubtedly grateful.

Ballerinas: Carlitos Way and Lhatsun Lahmo Tara.

Videografia: Aldana Juarez

Editor: Harriet Macauley

Created in the city of BCN.

Miss Harriet Macauley

Artistic Director Event InDance Barcelona

Founder InDance International Dance and Technology

Supported by Liverpool Johnmoores University and Leeds College of Music.

Lecturer in Dance at Leeds College of Music, UK

PhD Multimedia Collaboration, UK/ES




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