Cuarentena, Dia Dieciocho, Coronavirus

Relativity: Dia Dieciochoin en cuarentena.

The sound of applause resonates through the streets of Sant Gervasi. Reality as we know it has transmuted into a new form of existence. Surreal.

The sound of applause by local residents is regarded as the ultimate human performance for nurses, doctors, surgeons etc, to combat the impact and effect of a virus which has taken so many individuals globally.

Ultimately our relativity or physical phenomena will change and I personally believe we will eventually drift back into a realty we call LIFE.

Amor y Luz.

Miss Harriet Macauley

Artistic Director and Choreographer InDance International.

Founder InDance International One Year Performance Program England and Europe.

Researcher International Multimedia Performance Collaboration. BTEC. BA. MFA. PGDIP. MPHIL.

IETM Artistic Advisor 2023-2026


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