Acculturation. Marginalisation. Cultural Pluralities, Female Black Leadership 2021/22

My career, daily life and development has been a continuous fragmentation and path of Cultural Pluralities, where I am divided, yet able to exist in two or more dimensions. The media, The propaganda, The lack of experimental existential experiences from non-black individuals who often under estimate the magnitude of A Black Women in Leadership, who has formed multiple cultural identities,  through a process of Acculturation.

Cultural Pluralities, Female Black Leadership 2021/22

The process could be regarded as a “sliding scale of Acculturation”, where Black Women are formed in cultural groups that are not equal in power! Existing only on the fringe of a single centred mindset – “Mainstream” with terms – “Minority”, “Ethnic” “Black Asian Minority Ethnic” etc. Accepted, Recognisable, Actioned and utilised by non-black individuals in positions of Power – “A sliding scale of Acculturation”.

Artistic Director: Harriet Macauley United Kingdom, Spain. Photographer: Aldana Juarez Czeplowodzki of InDance International, Europe.

Miss Harriet Macauley

Artistic Director Event InDance Barcelona

Founder InDance International Dance and Technology

Supported by Liverpool Johnmoores University and Leeds College of Music.

Lecturer in Dance at Leeds College of Music, UK

PhD Multimedia Collaboration, UK/ES


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