Inspirado ... en cuarentena y en el silencio de la REALIDAD, abril de 2020

Quarantine, Yes it is challenging, I have no flights in or out of Europe. Now I believe it is a time to really reflect on what we VALUE, who we are…how we love and respect others….and to possibly deal with our shadow sides. New projects and Collaborations. I am inspired. Quarantine..recognising all that seems TRUE.

Dancer: Alberto Serrano, InDance Barcelona.

Señorita Harriet Macauley

Director Artístico Evento InDance Barcelona

Fundador InDance International Dance and Technology

Apoyado por la Liverpool Johnmoores University y Leeds College of Music.

Profesor de Danza en Leeds College of Music, Reino Unido

PhD Multimedia Collaboration, Reino Unido / ES


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